Dunlop Flaw Padel Racket Carbon Fiber Soft 35-38mm


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Face Size : 25cm*27cm
Thickness : Common Rim (21-28mm)
Grip Size : 4 3/8 (3#/Male)
Hardness : Hard (Small Action/Force Player)
Shape : Round Egg Shaped (Central Back Sweet Point)
Balance Point : Light Tip (Intercept/Professional Type)
Racket Length Category : Regular Grade
Racket Face Classification : MP Racket Surface (Universal)
Length (cm) : 48cm
Weight (g) : 320-330g (Male)
Grip Material : Carbon Fiber
Applicable: Women and Men
Origin : PRC

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DUNLOP-E-25, DUNLOP-E-26, DUNLOP-E-27-91, DUNLOP-E-28-92, DUNLOP-E-29-93, DUNLOP-E-30-94, DUNLOP-E-31-95, DUNLOP-E-32, DUNLOP-E-33, DUNLOP-E-34, DUNLOP-E-35-96, DUNLOP-E-36-97, DUNLOP-E-37-98, DUNLOP-E-38, DUNLOP-E-39, DUNLOP-E-40-99, DUNLOP-E-41, DUNLOP-E-42, DUNLOP-E-43, DUNLOP-E-44, DUNLOP-E-45, DUNLOP-E-46, DUNLOP-E-47, DUNLOP-E-48


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